Throw Back Thursday

Christmas Elegance

This was the second Mirabilia I finished, and I think she’s my favorite of them all, though “favorite” tends to be a moving target when it comes to Mirabilia designs. I just love the colors in this one, the beads, the metallics – everything. ūüôā When I stitched her, it was the most beadwork I had done on one project. I believe she is stitched on 32ct Misty Blue Wichelt linen. I have since discovered I prefer Zweigart to Wichelt, but I have stitched a few Mirabilias on this color and like the end result.

Throw Back Thursday

Why Hoard Gold

Isn’t that a precious face? I stitched Dragon Dreams’ “Why Hoard Gold?” several years ago. One day, I will actually get her framed. I believe she is out of print (please correct me if I’m wrong on that), but you can Google her and find her at a few online shops. She was a lot of fun to stitch, even though part of the pattern called for rayon floss. Stitching with rayon floss drives me crazy – the stuff is so darn slippery! – but it really gives a nice shiny effect to part of her without being metallic. I actually love stitching with most metallics, but in this piece the gold really needed to stand out and probably wouldn’t have if there were more metallics used.

And when I finally get her framed or finished as a wall hanging, she will go on MY wall. ūüôā

Throw Back Thursday


This is a piece I made a few years ago. It was for a class I was teaching about stitching on linen at Rittenhouse Needlepint. The finishers there made it into a cute little hanging pillow, about six inches wide. They have it hanging in the shop as a cross stitch sample. I may make it again for myself, it’s so darn cute! I thought that it was a good time to post a reminder of spring, as so many of you are inundated with snow and ice at the moment.

Ewe-phoria is a free chart from Mosey ‘n Me, and is still available online if you want to download it. This chart may not appeal to everyone, as it has symbols but not a color scheme. I loved picking my colors from threads I already had in my stash. I don’t remember exactly what I used, but I know it was a combination of Gentle Arts Sampler Threads and Weeks Dye Works threads. You can see that there is a subtle variegation in the threads. I just chose a piece of fabric that I had in my stash, but I think the pink gives a nice¬†spring/Easter feel.

She was a very fun and quick piece to stitch.

Throw Back Thursday – Joan Elliott angels

TBT collage 2-12-15

I came across a picture of Joan Elliott’s Christmas Angel, which I stitched for my sister several years ago. Before then, I had stitched Joan’s Angel of Night for my grandmother and Angel of Love for my mother, deciding I would stitch one for each woman in our family. (Luckily, it’s a small family, lol.) One of my current WIPs is Joan’s Autumn Angel, which I’m stitching for my sister-in-law. I thought the red hair was perfect, as she is a redhead. Once that is finished, I will stitch the final angel in the series – Angel of Summer, I believe – ¬†for myself. As I mentioned in a previous post, my grandmother died a few years back, so my mom currently has both Angel of Night and Angel of Love in her home. I also have her Angel of Cross Stitch pattern, which I may stitch some day. Funny how I mentioned before that I’m not a big stitcher of angels. Maybe I’m wrong about that.

Throw Back Thursday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was looking through some of my old photos on Photobucket and saw my finished Lady of the Flag. It’s another one of those pieces for which I have a very specific framing idea in mind, so until I figure out exactly how I want it done, it is sitting in a drawer. When I first started her, I didn’t realize how huge she is — that dress is a whole lot of yellows, tans, gold, and beads! But she was so worth it. I love the drape of the flag, the shadow effect is wonderful. Nora Corbett created¬†her as a memorial to 9/11/01, and she is a beautiful tribute. I don’t know if this is by design¬†or by coincidence, but I see the three roses as representing each site of terrorist attacks on that day: the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, PA.

My idea is to have her framed within a large mat that has cut-outs for quotes that I will either print on acid-free paper or stitch on similar fabric. The paper will probably be easier to frame, cost less, and take less time. The quotes will be about freedom and justice, but not the “eye-for-an-eye” justice. I don’t want her to have anything to do with war, nor do I want her to be a “We’re #1!” type of angel, but more about the basic ideals America was based on regarding life, liberty, and happiness. While we have never ¬†lived up to that ideal – heck at the time only white men with land could vote – I do believe it is something that most Americans strive for. The sticky wicket is that we all see different ways of making it happen, hence the conflict. This isn’t a political blog, so I won’t go on about that, but you can understand why this has been at the back of my mind for quite some time, yet I haven’t quite found the perfect way to do it.

Throw Back Thursday – Angel of Love

Angel of LoveIt’s that time again! I’m going to share a little story behind my stitching Lavender & Lace’s “Angel of Love.”¬†She is also known as the “Computer Chip Angel” (or something similar) because the intricate beadwork and use of metallics reminds many of the inside of a computer. If you click the photo of the close-up (below), you can see the details.)

I started¬†this angel several¬†years ago,¬†and¬†finished it in 2006 or 2007. The picture, obviously, is before it was framed, and there’s a reason I don’t have a picture of her framed ‚ÄĒ¬†I will get to that. I am not a big stitcher of angels, but I saw this one as a challenge and enjoyed it. I don’t care for stitching angel wings, as all those shades of white and grey get on my nerves pretty quickly. So, I would stitch a small section of the wings, then move on to other parts of the angel. I did that often enough that the wings weren’t too bad and I didn’t stick myself with them at the end.

Angel of Love detail

Well, after I was done stitching her, I didn’t know what to do with her. I think she’s beautiful, but neither Tim nor I are really into angels and I wanted to spend my framing money on my mermaids and other items. At about this time, my 93-year-old grandmother became ill and went into Hospice in Naples, NY. It was a lovely house, and my grandmother had a small room to herself with some items she brought from home. The people¬†who worked and volunteered there¬†were incredible. When my grandmother passed, I decided I would add “In memory of Eleanor Bogue, 1913-2007” at the bottom and donate it to the Hospice house for decoration. I talked with my parents and they paid to have it framed. They¬†delivered it, since they live in that area and I’m a good five hours away. So, that’s why I don’t have a picture of it framed, as I never saw it framed ‚ÄĒ¬†though I was assured it looked great.

So, you never know what may happen to something you stitch that may not fit into your decor. I was so happy to have stitched her and met the challenge I set for myself, and even happier to donate it to Hospice. I hope that it helps people with fatal illnesses feel just a little better, and also that it comforts those who work there.

Have you ever stitched a piece “just because,” then struggled to find a home for it afterward?

Throw Back Thursday


My Throw Back Thursday this week is Dragon of the Winter Moon from Dragon Dreams. I just put this up as my Facebook cover photo, as it seemed appropriate. I stitched this, along with Dragon of the Summer Sky for Tim years ago (as you can see by the date on the photo). Sadly, they have yet to be framed because I am waiting for Tim to find some beautiful pictures he took of Neuschwanstein Castle when he was stationed in Germany. These are postcard quality photos, and apparently he got such a great view by repelling off a very high bridge. Young guys in their 20s, right?

Anyway, I want to get these two dragons framed so that one or two pictures of the castle are in the center with a dragon on each side, facing inward. The castle in both designs reminded me of that castle, and until he finds those photos and I can frame them the way I want, nothing else will do!


(Hmmm, I just noticed that I only dated one of them. I will have to rectify that.)

Throwback Thursday


I really like some of the themes I see making the rounds on various blogs. Some of them really don’t transfer well to what I talk about here, but I think I can make Throwback Thursday definitely work.I snagged it from¬†Ouch!! My back hurts!!, so if you decide to share the same on your blog, please post back on that blog to share the memories – and feel free to post the link here, too.

So, for this week’s Throwback Thursday, I’m sharing the short story of my little needlepoint kitty that is my main photo for the blog. I made this a few years back as a memorial to my Smoky Cat, my Russian Blue who I had to put to sleep in December, 2011, He was 16.5 years old and was full of personality, even up to his last moments. I saw this canvas, which had a black cat on it, and I figured the Rainbow Gallery Velvet*¬†would cover the black nicely so that it wouldn’t show through, and it worked. The original eyes were yellow, but I changed them to green to match Smoky’s eyes. The background is the Arrowhead stitch using Caron Watercolours and Rainbow Gallery Flair. I used Kreinik metallics for the eyes. I really like the combination of the four textures. I had it finished at Rittenhouse Needlepoint in Philadelphia, where they always do a great job.

I have my little memorial (it’s about the size of a postcard) hanging on the wall where I can see it every day and remember that beautiful obnoxious kitty who kept us on our toes.

*Threads in links may not be the exact color used in the project.