Throw Back Thursday

Why Hoard Gold

Isn’t that a precious face? I stitched Dragon Dreams’ “Why Hoard Gold?” several years ago. One day, I will actually get her framed. I believe she is out of print (please correct me if I’m wrong on that), but you can Google her and find her at a few online shops. She was a lot of fun to stitch, even though part of the pattern called for rayon floss. Stitching with rayon floss drives me crazy – the stuff is so darn slippery! – but it really gives a nice shiny effect to part of her without being metallic. I actually love stitching with most metallics, but in this piece the gold really needed to stand out and probably wouldn’t have if there were more metallics used.

And when I finally get her framed or finished as a wall hanging, she will go on MY wall. 🙂


Throw Back Thursday


My Throw Back Thursday this week is Dragon of the Winter Moon from Dragon Dreams. I just put this up as my Facebook cover photo, as it seemed appropriate. I stitched this, along with Dragon of the Summer Sky for Tim years ago (as you can see by the date on the photo). Sadly, they have yet to be framed because I am waiting for Tim to find some beautiful pictures he took of Neuschwanstein Castle when he was stationed in Germany. These are postcard quality photos, and apparently he got such a great view by repelling off a very high bridge. Young guys in their 20s, right?

Anyway, I want to get these two dragons framed so that one or two pictures of the castle are in the center with a dragon on each side, facing inward. The castle in both designs reminded me of that castle, and until he finds those photos and I can frame them the way I want, nothing else will do!


(Hmmm, I just noticed that I only dated one of them. I will have to rectify that.)