Throwback Thursday

turkey crochet hatI started crocheting five or six years ago. One of the first projects I worked on was baby hats that my women’s group at church was making forĀ a local hospital. Most of mine came out fine, but one was very wonky. It came out very tiny, and I realized it about halfway through and was just going to toss it and start over. Tim, my partner, had other ideas.

I bought this turkey a long time ago as a seasonal decoration. Tim decided he liked it a lot and wanted it out all year, so “Tom” guarded our (at the time) overflowing DVDs. Tim decided that Tom needed a hat, so now we have the year-round Thanksgiving turkey with a pink/brown/green crochet hat.

Today, Tom still has a place of honor in our living room. I have since done some decluttering and I don’t have the overflowing DVD problem I used to have, so he is hanging out by the TV, next to a little bird made from a gourd and a little angel that lights up. We class it up around here.