Throw Back Thursday

Why Hoard Gold

Isn’t that a precious face? I stitched Dragon Dreams’ “Why Hoard Gold?” several years ago. One day, I will actually get her framed. I believe she is out of print (please correct me if I’m wrong on that), but you can Google her and find her at a few online shops. She was a lot of fun to stitch, even though part of the pattern called for rayon floss. Stitching with rayon floss drives me crazy – the stuff is so darn slippery! – but it really gives a nice shiny effect to part of her without being metallic. I actually love stitching with most metallics, but in this piece the gold really needed to stand out and probably wouldn’t have if there were more metallics used.

And when I finally get her framed or finished as a wall hanging, she will go on MY wall. πŸ™‚

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  1. I love it! I’ve seen this pattern around, but I don’t own it. I’ll have to check to see if she seriously is out of print.

    It’s always been one of those, “I’ll stitch that eventually…” type of things.


    • I think she can be found at online shops here and there. I would send you mind, but it was unfortunately destroyed in a flood in my apartment several years ago. Luckily, it was destroyed AFTER I stitched it.

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  2. how on earth does anyone manage to hoard chocolate?


  3. Since chocolate is my guilty pleasure, I appreciate this design. But I love the comment of paulainauckland. How indeed does someone hoard chocolate?



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