Throw Back Thursday – Mirabilia Crystal Chandelier

Mirabilia chandelier

Funny note: I couldn’t remember which magazine printed this pattern, so I looked for it in Google Images. The first picture that came up was from my blog post about the design on May 18, 2005 from my old blog. That’s when I finished it, for my father. So, instead of rewriting the post, I thought I’d copy and paste from my old post — there’s some efficient blogging for ya!

“He fixes chandeliers and sells them on eBay and I thought it would be nice for him. I left off the heart treasures as I thought that was a bit fancy for him. I was having a big problem getting enough of the Mill Hill glass teardrops for it. I went to a bead shop and they didn’t have what I was looking for, either. Finally I bought these cylindrical crystal beads and I think they work well. I actually think they’re better in the end because they’re less feminine than the glass teardrops, if that makes sense. You can barely see them in the picture as they are clear, but in “real life” they show up better.”

If you like the design and want to stitch it, see if you can get your hands on Just Cross Stitch Magazine, April 2001.

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  1. I have this in my “to do” folder. Funny how it was there long before I actually discovered Nora’s work & decided to stitch some!


  2. This is wonderful! I adore the fabric you’ve stitched it on, it really makes the designs pop.



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