February WIPocalypse – Part Two

FebWIPocalypse collage


Now for the nitty-gritty of WIPocalypse: all those projects I vowed to work on this year. As I said in my earlier post, I don’t make timelines to finish most projects, but there are a few I’ve been working on for a while that I should be able to finish this year without putting myself out too much. I do like to have a few goals, just don’t want to put so much pressure on myself that I don’t enjoy the journey.

So, let’s see what progress I’ve made, given I haven’t been paying attention to the list I made in January, lol.

Projects to start in 2015 – progress since 1/5/15

Cross Stitch
2001 Mirabilia Cherub – not started
Blossom Harvest – Forgot I had already started, and have made more progress
Mermaid of Atlantis – not started
Queen Mermaid – not started
South Seas Mermaid – not started
Touching the Autumn Sky – started
Amethyst Fairy – not started
Enchanted Dreamer – not started

10 infinity scarves for gifts or to sell
Temperature scarf
Moogly’s 2015 Crochet-Along afghan
special project I need to finish with a friend in February

Projects to finish in 2015 – progress since 1/5/15

Cross Stitch
Garden Verses (Mirabilia) –not a stitch
Angel of the New Dawn (Mirabilia) – a few hours
Sleeping Beauty (Mirabilia) – a few hours
Mermaids of the Deep Blue (Mirabilia) – a few hours
Quaker Diamonds (Rosewood Manor) – not a stitch

Needlepoint (I don’t remember designers at the moment) – haven’t stitched on any needlepoint projects
Geisha Cats (picture at top, just need to finish the ribbon embroidery and beading in “hair”)
Chinese Dragon
St. Basil’s
Santa stocking

Tim’s afghan – not a stitch
Temperature scarf – going to catch up on this by the end of the week
Moogly’s 2015 Crochet-Along afghan – finished first block, starting second block this week – really!
Baby blanket (soooo close, can finish it in a night or two) – finished, but gave it away before I got a final picture

Other projects (there will always be some!)
Three charity scarves – finished
Receiving blanket for charity – started
prayer shawl for charity – started
Fairie Treasures – made a little progress
Mermaids of the Deep Blue – made a little progress



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  1. My latest project, a throw made up of knitted squares is on hold for a few more days until I finish my gloves. 🙂

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    • Hope you finish the gloves soon. I find it really helps to have smaller projects to go to when I’m working on a large project, and a throw of knitted squares definitely qualifies as a large project. 🙂

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  2. Lovely!! 🙂


  3. Good stuff. Love the Mermaids – what is the fabric you chose?


    • Thanks! I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t write it down. Sleeping Beauty is on a greyish blue from Wichelt, but I don’t remember the fabric I am using for Mermaids of the Deep Blue. It’s probably a Picture This Plus fabric, like a very blue midnight blue color.



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