WIP Wednesday (on Thursday)

WIP Wednesday 2-5-15


Whew, been busy this past week. Last weekend I was involved with a lot of things going on at church — good things. My church (Princeton Presbyterian in Springfield, PA) is part of the community-wide Souper Bowl of Caring, playing the role of a drop-off point for food going to Chester Eastside Ministries. We brought in over 3600 items, if I remember correctly. Actually we brought in more than that, but some of the food we couldn’t use because of expiration dates. And we couldn’t give them the raspberry schnapps someone gave us. 🙂 Sunday I was at our service, then our annual meeting, then helped a few other ladies go through the freezer and the cupboard to get rid of old stuff and reorganize a bit. That took longer than originally planned, but once we got started we just kept going. The past few days I’ve been a bit under the weather. Nothing major, but after looking at a computer screen all day at work, the last thing my eyes and brain wanted to do was to think much more at night and look at a computer. So, I fell behind, but am getting caught up now.

scarves 2-5-15Because I’ve been busy and headachy, I haven’t been doing much stitching since last Wednesday. However, I did finish three scarves for the women’s circle at church. We need to make some more for the pile we are giving to Connect By Night for their homeless clients. The black one is a basic V-stitch, made from extra bulky yarn. It isn’t very long, but because it’s so bulky it’s practically a carpet and should keep someone warm. (Note to self: in the future, it is probably better to use more open stitches with such bulky yarn.) The other two were just something I made up: half-double crochet with a chain in between, skipping one stitch below. The borders use double crochet in each space, with a chain between each double crochet — except for the top and bottom where I stitched two double crochets in each space and did not chain, except for the one chain on each corner. I’m pretty happy with the result, though next time I may do the opposite — double crochet the scarf and half-double the border.

So, that’s really all I’ve worked on over the past week. I plan to get caught up on my temperature scarf for next week, and get in some more Mirabilia stitching. Though this was supposed to be my WIPocalypse post, that will be happening next week when I’m feeling more up to tackling it. Now I need to go check others’ WIPS and see all the beautiful projects others are creating. It’s always a dangerous thing to do, as you all are quite the enablers.

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