Throwback Thursday


I really like some of the themes I see making the rounds on various blogs. Some of them really don’t transfer well to what I talk about here, but I think I can make Throwback Thursday definitely work.I snagged it from Ouch!! My back hurts!!, so if you decide to share the same on your blog, please post back on that blog to share the memories – and feel free to post the link here, too.

So, for this week’s Throwback Thursday, I’m sharing the short story of my little needlepoint kitty that is my main photo for the blog. I made this a few years back as a memorial to my Smoky Cat, my Russian Blue who I had to put to sleep in December, 2011, He was 16.5 years old and was full of personality, even up to his last moments. I saw this canvas, which had a black cat on it, and I figured the Rainbow Gallery Velvet* would cover the black nicely so that it wouldn’t show through, and it worked. The original eyes were yellow, but I changed them to green to match Smoky’s eyes. The background is the Arrowhead stitch using Caron Watercolours and Rainbow Gallery Flair. I used Kreinik metallics for the eyes. I really like the combination of the four textures. I had it finished at Rittenhouse Needlepoint in Philadelphia, where they always do a great job.

I have my little memorial (it’s about the size of a postcard) hanging on the wall where I can see it every day and remember that beautiful obnoxious kitty who kept us on our toes.

*Threads in links may not be the exact color used in the project.

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  1. Thanks for the mention… good to see someone likes the idea! 😉

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    • I see it on Facebook all the time, but hadn’t thought about it for a blog – particularly my stitching blog. But, I’ve been stitching long enough that it could be a lot of fun.



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