The first block is up from Moogly’s CAL


The first block of Moogly’s 2015 CAL is up!

…and it’s gorgeous! I’m still deciding on color combinations, but I guess I’ll have to figure that out soon because I’ll be behind in no time flat, and I have a very important project that I need to make major progress on this month.This CAL is definitely going to offer challenging squares for me, judging by the first one, but I’m up for new ideas. I don’t want to steal Tamara’s thunder, so visit her blog to view the square.

So, I guess I better get myself to the store at some point this weekend to get the Caron yarn for my Temperature Scarf and the yarn for this CAL. I think I’m going to use Vanna’s Choice yarn, as I’ve heard that yarn is very good when it comes to dyelots. Not sure how many colors I’ll use, but probably between two and four. I’ll see how the colors work when I get to the store. Need to get some more yarn for my other project, if they have it. I’m hoping I won’t have to order it.

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