Cluster Stitches – The Mindless Scarf

Mindless scarf

Photo of Mindless Scarf by Nicole Ross, who also created the free instructions found at

I really like cluster stitches that are easy and quick to stitch, especially this time of year. These types of projects are great when you are trying to finish holiday gifts that sneaked up on you while also finishing a last-minute baby blanket – for which I’m using a different but quick-to-stitch cluster stitch. Even a beginner can stitch The Mindless Scarf pretty quickly, only need to know sc, dc, and ch. The first row is stitched into the starting chain, so that has to be counted. After that, you simply create the cluster stitch in the ch2 section of each cluster. The first few rows may look a little off-kilter because of the scalloping on the sides, but don’t let that deter you. After a few more rows, that scalloping will take on the look of the pattern and is very pretty.

variegated mindless scarf

Mindless Scarf by cuddlelump at Ravelry:. Click picture for link.

This pattern will leave you with a straight edge on end of the scarf where you began stitching. Some people immediately turn it around and stitch the first row on the outside of the turning chain to give it that scalloped effect. Others will wait until the end and add a row there. I’m going to add a row there when I’m done, attaching it to the beginning tale. I will post about that when I do it. I’ve also seen this stitched with variegated yarn, and the effect is spectacular. The picture to the left shows the scarf stitched in Knit Picks’ Chroma Worsted in Impressionist, and can be better viewed at Ravelry.  Impressionist doesn’t appear to be available any longer, but there are other beautiful colorways. Lake Front is pretty close to Impressionist – close enough that I wonder if they just changed the name of that color.

Mindy mindless scarf wine

Just a few rows of my Mindless Scarf using Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Wine.

Since I’ve been only working a few part-time hours over the past two months, I am currently making projects from my “in stock” yarn. Thank goodness for taking advantage of sales! I’m using Knit Picks’ Brava Worsted in Wine. Knit Picks has great yarn of different varieties at very reasonable prices, and if you purchase $50 or more from their site you get free shipping. They also have fun sales throughout the year, including all green yarn on sale near St. Patrick’s Day, all red/pink yarn on sale near Valentine’s Day, etc. I’m not an employee or partner, just a very satisfied customer. It only took me about 20 minutes to stitch what is to the right, and I’ve been crocheting just about two years. I’m betting others can whip this project up much faster. (Please ignore that stray piece of yarn that looks like an errant stitch near the top left of the scarf. It’s just the ending yarn that I didn’t get fully underneath the scarf.) I like how this creates a nice V pattern.

Do you have favorite scarf patterns that you tend to use over and over for those last-minute gifts, or just because you need something to be easy?



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  1. Nice stitch


  2. These are all beautiful. 🙂


  3. claire93

     /  November 15, 2014

    this is a very pretty stitch ^^


  4. I’m glad you all like it! It’s so pretty, and so simple. That means I will probably use it as one of my go-to stitches.


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