My current crochet WIP – baby blanket

Soft Bobbles Baby Blanket

My WIP baby blanket is about 75% done.

I recently found out a friend of Tim’s is having a baby. I have been only working part-time for about two months, so my funds are very low – no extra money for yarn. However, I think this has worked to my advantage: instead of just going out and buying new yarn pastel baby colors, I was forced to creatively use what I have “in stock” in my stash. Tim makes fun of me because I have so much yarn, cross stitch, and needlepoint supplies, but it sure comes in handy when my finances are tight. So, I decided to stitch the Soft Bobbles Baby Blanket from Missed Stitches, using one of my favorite inexpensive yarns, Caron Simply Soft. My blanket is jewel-toned instead of pastel, which I think is different. I primarily used Passion, a pretty magenta color, adding small stripes of Harlequin (variegated), and medium stripes of Chocolate (brown) and Pagoda (teal). I love the look of this and am so happy that I am able to use leftover yarn from other projects.

This pattern is super easy and gives a beautiful texture to the blanket. It works up pretty quickly, which is always nice. I can definitely see myself going back to this design for other blankets of various sizes and scarves. Do you have a favorite pattern you use over and over for various types of projects?

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