2013 Goals: Combination of WIPocalypse and StRIP

As I said in my 2012 Recap, I have set some goals for 2013. Even thought it’s still December, I figure getting a head start on them is a good idea. I’m combining WIPocalypse 2013 with my StRIP list (explained here) to help keep me motivated to stitch my works in progress (WIPs) and not be distracted by all the new stuff there is out there – or by the unstitched canvases and designs in my collection.

Geisha Cats April 2012

Geisha Cats. Stitching done, working on beading and ribbon embroidery in “hair.”

Needlepoint WIPocalypse and StRIP

Finish: Sleeping mouse, cat in star ornament, Faberge egg, San Francisco block. Start the restitch of my red and black design for a friend.

Finish: Geisha cats, Santa in car stocking, and Cat in snowsuit stocking: Start Rabbit stocking

Finish: French brick, mouse on bookshelf, and purple Russian ornament: Start Ruth Schmuff’s ladies in hats

Finish: US Travel frog

Progress to 50% finished: Jungle Cats, Chinese Dragon, St. Basil’s

Cross Stitch WIPocalypse and StRIP:

Finish: Aqua Topiary Ribbon, Angel of the New Dawn, Tsunami Sampler. Start Angel of the Sea

Progress to 75%: Sleeping Beauty, Garden Verses, Oh Christmas Tree

I’m hoping these aren’t too ambitious, but the only way I’ll know is to write it down and see if I can do it. I will post before & after pictures each time I post on the full moon. 2013 dates are:

January 26
February 25
March 27
April 25
May 24
June 23
July 22
August 20
September 19
October 18
November 17
December 17

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