2012 Recap

So, I abandoned my blog for a while this past year, and also didn’t pay attention to that StRIP list that I put together. Since June, I’ve been really focusing on my health — working out, cooking for a few hours on the weekend for the week — and haven’t stitched much at all since then. I’m working on finding a balance, which is always difficult.

However, my big accomplishment for 2012 is that I finished the Edie & Ginger 3D pig – just last night! It has over 30 pieces and each piece has composite stitches and was most challenging project I’ve stitched, yet. It will be a while before I can save the money to actually have it finished into the pig, but I’m so thrilled to have finished the stitching. (Note: the pig in the linked blog was the model from Edie & Ginger. Some of my colors are slightly different, but you get the idea.)


Copyright DebBee Designs

I also started stitching Morganite from DebBee’s Designs Glitz and Glamor series for a class I plan to start teaching in the spring. I have also stitched a few small models for Rittenhouse Needlepoint. I really need to remember to take pictures of these, but I like to see them when they are finished at the shop. I hope to get some pictures soon.

So, all in all, not a big stitching year, but I made progress in other areas in my life (down a size and feel healthier). As much as I’d love to just stitch and read all the time, I still have to do what’s best for my health and I have my job. As I said, working on finding as much balance as possible, something I think we all struggle with.

Stay tuned for my 2013 goals post.

In addition, I designed and stitched a piece for a beginners sampler class that used different types of stitches. I had a good time creating it and teaching the class. I’m restitching it on red canvas for a friend of mine as a purse insert, and I would have chosen red canvas to begin with if I had thought ahead enough. On the original I used white canvas, and some of the white shows through where the vertical and horizontal stitches are. I’m still pretty happy with the outcome, as it was my first stab at designing anything on canvas. (I thought I had a picture but I don’t seem to, nor can I find one. Woefully behind on taking pictures of my stitching!)

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