Time to StRIP again!

Now, before you think I’ve totally lost my mind, “StRIP” in my stitching world stands for Stash Reduction Implementation Plan. I cannot take credit for it, but honestly do not remember who came up with it. I first saw in the old Theresa Wentzler message board back in 2004. It’s a great way to get one’s pile of WIPs (Works In Progress) down.

The main goal is to reduce the amount of stash and WIPs one has. The minimum goal is to start the following year with just one less WIP than when the previous year began. I can at least do that much. People are doing it in different ways, but many are simply only starting one project for every two they finish. To non-stitchers, this probably sounds like common sense, or they are thinking, “Why the heck did you have so many going in the first place.” Many reasons, but I won’t go into them here 🙂

For myself, I’m also grouping them into projects of similar size, and when I finish two of similar size I’ll start a new one of similar size, but sometimes there’s an odd man out and I’ll allow myself to start a new one. I think writing down what I will start next will help because they are all projects I’ve really wanted to start but have been holding back, and now finishing my WIPs quicker will allow me to start them.

I was doing really well with my list until about three years ago when I discovered Rittenhouse Needlepoint and added needlepoint (and a little crewel and embroidery) to my cross stitch addiction. Since then, I’ve been a bit willy-nilly with my projects and have a lot of needlepoint WIPs to add to my cross stitch pile.

So, in January I finally went through my needlepoint stash. I’m happy to report that, while I do have a number of in-progress pieces, I have several that I have bought for the future but have not started. My needlepoint StRIP list is below. I was going to post pictures, but it will make this post too graphics-intensive. Instead, I’ll post progress pictures as I go. I haven’t yet gone back and looked at my cross stitch pieces, so will post about them later. I’m also going to post my 2011 finishes, although I don’t have pictures of many of them since they were for customers. (I don’t think it’s right for me to post something I stitched for a customer, as that person paid for it and may want people to think she or he stitched the piece.)

Do you have a system to help keep projects under control? I’m always interested in hearing how others organize their projects, both materials and time.

  1. Finish the following: Cat star ornament, Fabergé egg, San Francisco block
    Start Black Cat
  2. Finish Mouse on bookshelf and Purple Russian ornament
    Start small Christmas Tree sampler
  3. Finish Pennsylvania block and Dinosaur & volcano
    Start Ladies in hats
  4. Finish 3D Pig and US Travel frog
    Start Cat in sunflower field
  5. Finish Geisha Cats and Stocking – Santa in Car
    Start Stocking – Rabbit
  6. Finish French brick cover and Jungle cats
    Start Frogs on beach frog
  7. Finish Stocking – Cat in snowsuit and Chinese Dragon
    Start Summer Shoppers
  8. Finish Kimono Cat and St. Basil’s (stained glass version)
    Start USS Constitution brick cover
  9. Finish Cat in shower and Stocking – Santa & Horse
    Start Stocking – Santa’s Very Last Stop
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  2. 2013 Goals: Combination of WIPocalypse and StRIP « Mindy's Needlework Mania

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