Basketweave isn’t just for baskets!

If you needlepoint do you tend to use the traditional Continental stitch, or do you use Basketweave for the tent stitches? I find I like the look of Basketweave better on the front, even though it’s technically the same tent stitch as Continental. I also like the better coverage it gives to the back of a project, making it look like the weave of a basket — hence the name.

If you are interested in learning Basketweave for needlepoint, Rittenhouse Needlepoint has a great tutorial on YouTube. It’s taught by master stitcher (and co-owner) Stephen Janick.  I have taken several classes from Stephen, and he is a great teacher.

I also plan to scour YouTube for some more stitching tutorials, as a friend of mind found a very cool curly stitch on YouTube. I tend to do better with charts and she tends to do better with tutorials, but we’ll see.  Check out YouTube and see if you can find some cool stitches you may not know about.

As for my projects, I finally finished stitching the Tallis bag! It was all Basketweave, which is a bit much for me. I prefer to use different stitches, so a large project in all Basketweave was tough. I’ve also finished some other projects for the store and am working on a few others. It helps me pay for my habit, but I’m looking forward to getting back to some of my 0wn projects.

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  1. I may seem like a bit of an odd duck but I so LOVE my little x’s they make me happy! I do enjoy the odd specialty stitch but that x is just so cute!


    • There’s definitely something to be said for little x’s! I think for me the difference is that on a painted canvas, when I stitch using just tent stitches, I feel like I’m just filling in. Of course, if I have a lot of colors and different threads, that makes a difference. However, in cross stitch, I love seeing a design take form on a blank piece of linen — a design in little x’s.



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