Obligation Stitching

So, it’s that time of year when two words send chills down stitchers’ spines: obligation stitching. For most people, it means a bunch of promised gifts for loved ones that seem to creep up on them ’round about Halloween. The “Oh my gosh! Tomorrow’s November? I have two stockings to stitch and finish before Christmas!”

This year, I’m not involved in that kind of obligation stitching. Instead, I’m stitching a few models and some other items for customers. This is a good thing, as it helps me afford my habit. As with many other people, though, I find such projects end up taking more time than I think. I’ve been cross-stitching for decades, needlepointing a few years, and I still have a hard time gauging how long projects will take. My big project at the moment is all basketweave (a form of tent stitch) on 18ct. mesh, and it’s practically driving me crazy! It’s a beautiful piece, and I’m stitching with lovely Vineyard silks that need no plying, but it’s almost painful to stitch it in all basketweave when I can picture all the different stitches that could really give it some texture. The customer gets what the customer wants, though, and it will still be beautiful. I have exactly one week to finish it, so I’m ordering Thanksgiving dinner from Acme or Genaurdi’s and am going to stitch like crazy to get it done. (I’d show it to you but don’t like to show what I’m stitching for customers. They don’t always want people to know.)

What kind of obligation stitching are you doing this year? Are you stitching for others, for customers, or just have some things that you have told yourself you WILL finish in 2011?

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  1. I do understand your comments about obligation stitching, not being able to gauge the time factor, & such, preventing one from getting to their own stitching. Hope it all comes together for you very quickly so you can indulge in your own pursuits


  2. Thanks. I’ll get my act together one of these days.



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