So, how many of you are working on finishing stockings to be used for this Christmas? I have one stitched but need to get it finished into a stocking soon. I have another one over halfway done, another barely started, and one bought but not started. They are all very different, and I will share them once I can figure out why my phone isn’t sending me my photos properly.

However, the main reason for my post is my recent discovery of Rebecca Wood’s stockings. We had some over the summer at the shop, and I just fell in love with them. They are beautifully painted, hence costly, but so worth it. My favorite is “The VERY Last Stop”  but a close second is “Bad Landing.” I kept them big so that you can see the detail.

In “The VERY last Stop,” I just love all the zonked-out reindeer  and the look of surprise on the girl’s face, while the one reindeer is just barely peeking at the little boy. When I first saw this one in person I laughed out loud. So fun to stitch! One could make the wallpaper an open stitch, maybe a darning pattern to give it some texture, and the tree could look really nice using shades of Fuzzy Stuff or perhaps Burmilana. The deer could be stitched in Alpaca or Appleton wool to give them a fuzzy (but not too fuzzy) appearance.

“Bad Landing” is also a great one. Notice Santa stuck upside down in the chimney. The reindeer are all over the place, trying to figure out what happened. the gifts are all over the place, too. it looks like a youngster is looking out the window in surprise to see a reindeer hanging off the roof, and there is another child peering out one of the bottom windows to see what is going on. I can picture the snow stitched in a subtle composite stitch of various white threads, including a thin metallic (or subtle metallic ribbon) to give it that crusty icy look.

So, now that I have already started stitching them in my head, it’s only a matter of time before I buy them. Once I start thinking how I will stitch something — what stitches to use, what threads to buy — I’m a goner!

Do you tend to stitch the same type of stocking all the time, or do you like to mix it up? I tend to run the gamut, depending on what speaks to me. I do have a soft spot for fun and whimsical designs, but I also like traditional and natural designs. It also depends on who will be receiving the finished product.

Happy stitching!

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  1. Your stockings look great!
    I’ve not done any for this year yet, maybe you have inspired me, although I have so much on my plate, at the moment.
    Thanks for directing us to your blog, your stitching is lovely.


    • Thanks, Kay. I haven’t stitched these yet, it’s just the painted canvas. That’s what I love about these — they are pieces are art before you even start to stitch!

      Thanks for your comments about my stitching. Your comment is my first on this blog. Woohoo!



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