Needlework classes I’m teaching

I recently finished teaching a four-session beginning needlepoint class for people who know basic needlepoint (Continental or Basketweave) but want to learn a few more basic stitches. The design is from June McKnight. Everyone chose their own color combinations and types of fibers, and chose a monogram. Thanks to Mandy at Rittenhouse Needlepoint, where I taught the class, I had monograms graphed for everyone so that they didn’t have to try to convert from the monogram book. Everyone’s projects look beautiful! The one below is my sample for the class, which I’m making into a pillow for a friend. I normally would not have chosen wool for these stitches, since they tend to look more precise in silk or cotton, but this color and the subtle variegation is so pretty that I immediately latched onto it when I was sorting through the threads.

Stitches include:
Saint George & Saint Andrew
Upright Cross
Cross Stitch
Smyrna Cross
Upright Gobelin
Double Brick

On November 19, I’m scheduled to teach two different linen cross stitch classes at Rittenhouse Needlepoint. I have a picture of one of the finished designs, should have the other one soon. The class is for people who have stitched on Aida but want to learn how to stitch on linen. While the actual piece is all cross stitch, I will go over a few simple specialty stitches that show the versatility of using linen.* This fun design is a freebie from Mosey ‘n Me, called “Ewephoria.” I think it’s one of the cutest (but not too “cutesy”) designs I’ve seen in a long time. I stitched it on pink 32ct. linen, but it would look great on almost any color linen and in various color combinations. Thanks to Emily, a finisher at Rittenhouse Needlepoint, who made this into a simple yet adorable little hanging pillow.

I will also be teaching two more classes that will begin in 2012. One is another beginning needlepoint class but will not be a monogram. I’m actually designing this one myself and have started stitching the sample to see how it looks, so will see how that works. Trying to keep it simple, so only using four threads: a variegated, two solids, and a metallic. As with the monogram class, I will help students choose their colors and threads according to what they like and what the finished product will be (pillow, framed piece, etc.) I have created a lot of small ornament designs using specialty stitches on linen, but this is different. Keeping my fingers crossed!

The other class starting in 2012 will have more advanced stitches and will be using a design from a canvaswork designer. Once we have finalized that one, I’ll post the name of the designer and design. If it’s what I think it will be, it will use several different types of threads and is stunning.

In between all this, I hope to finish at least one project I have going for myself and for friends.

*Disclaimer: Many cross-stitchers use nothing but Aida to create beautiful pieces. I prefer to use linen, but do not want Aida users to feel slighted. People must use what they like — this is supposed to be fun and stress-relieving, right?

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